I've been working for months to lose my 12 extra pounds and I've finally hit a groove that works for me. Only problem is that it involves a 1400 calorie limit per day. 


The big issue here is that it really works as long as I stick with it, but I'm not prone to dining in or eating the same thing a thousand times over. I love my date nights with my husband and I love a night out with the girls. I'm also a real food lover, so the same boiled-eggs-and-light-ranch-on-iceburg salad every day just doesn't cut it for me. 

I literally start going crazy. 

So, in order to be able to hang out and have fun I started digging through PDF files all over the web and making lists of meals that rounded out to anything from 500-800 calories from all sorts of different restaurants. Some restaurants, like Applebee's, make that pretty easy, while others make it...well...harder. 

What I came up with was a list of low calorie entrees and appetizers that most of friends were begging off of me, so I decided it put it here- online in an easily accessible format so that anyone who wanted it could find it.

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If you find any information on here to be outdated then please send me a comment letting me know so I can research and abridge!  I hope you find something here that helps you stick with it!