Bob Evans is a casual family restaurant, committed to farm-fresh, healthy foods and friendly service.

Breakfast At Bob Evans

Bob Evans has three egg options- Egg Lites, Farm Fresh Eggs and Egg whites. Most of their scrambles and omelets allow you to choose which option you would like. The Omelets are only 10 calories less if you choose egg whites over Egg Lites. 

 Farmer's Market Omelet with Egg Lites- A 3 egg omelet with sausage, smoked ham and bacon, diced tomatoes, onions and fresh baby spinach. Stuffed with cheese and served with hollandaise, shredded cheddar and scallions.  317 calories and 29 grams of protein.

Garden Harvest Omelet with Egg Lites - Fresh baby spinach, diced tomatoes and onions in your omelet, then filled with Monterey-Jack cheese and served with hollandaise sauce, shredded cheddar cheese and scallions. 245 Calories and 24 grams of protein.

Ham and Cheddar Cheese Omelet with Egg Lites and with no sides-  268 calories and 34 grams of protein.

Western Omelet with Egg Lites - Diced smoked ham, onions, green and red peppers in the omelet and stuffed and topped with shredded cheddar. 278 Calories and 34 grams of protein.

BE FIT- Fit From The Farm Breakfast Options:

Blueberry and Banana French Toast- Two slices of cinnamon french toast topped with fresh blueberries and banana and topped with sugar free syrup. Strawberries are an option when in season: 350 calories

Fresh Fruit Plate- season fruit and low fat strawberry yogurt: 353 calories.

Lunch at Bob Evans

Soup Bowls

Slow Roasted Chicken and Noodles - 225 calories, 16 grams protein

Beef Vegetable Soup - 167 calories and 10 grams protein

Cheddar Baked Potato Soup- 332 Calories, 14 grams protein

Bean Soup - 198 Calories, 14 grams of protein


Dressings are their own calorie count! The low calorie dressings available at Bob Evans are: (Portion for a full sized salad is 3 oz- as for your dressing on the side and use half of it!) 

Lite Ranch: 110 calories for 1.6 oz.

Raspberry Reduced Fat: 114 calories for 1.6 oz.

Wildfire Ranch Dressing: 129 calories for 1.6  oz.

Balsalmic Vinigrett: 59 Calories for 1.6 oz.

Garden Salad: 57 calories.

Heritage Chef Salad: Greens with slow-roasted turkey, ham and bacon. Topped with Swiss cheese, a hard-boiled egg and scallions. - 398 Calories

Wildfire Grilled Chicken Salad: Wildfire fried chicken, BBQ tortilla strips, corn, scallions and cheddar cheese top mixed greens - 398 Calories (tip: ask them to hold the cheddar to lower the calorie count of the salad so that you can use all of your dressing for a yummier salad!)

Dinner At Bob Evans

Fit From The Farm Menu- Low calorie plates! 

Grilled Chicken Breast served with steamed broccoli and a baked potato: 424 calories

Grilled Salmon Fillet served with steamed broccoli and a baked potato: 518 calories

Potato Crusted Flounder- a whitefish fillet grilled in a potato crust, served with... you guessed it...steamed broccoli and a baked potato! 453 calories.

Following entrees and Side are their own counts- choose wisely and create a plate that you adore! 

(55 and Over option is half sized plates!)

Garlic Butter Grilled Chicken Breast: 161 calories each

Wildfire Grilled Chicken: 218 calories each

Salmon, Wildfire or Garlic Butter: 243 calories

Slow Rosted Turkey Breast: 160 Calories

Green Beans: 32 calories

Broccoli Florets: 34 calories

Cranberry Relish: 68 calories

Home Fries: 178 calories (Avoid FRENCH FRIES! 496 Calories!)

Glazed fresh carrots: 94 calories

Corn: 172 Calories

Fruit Cup: 148 Calories

Coleslaw: 208 calories

Drinks at Bob Evans

Bob Evans does not serve alcohol, but does have an expansive coffee and juice menu. Low cal options for drinks include:

Diet Coke products

Wild Raspberry Iced Tea: 58 Calories

Sweet Iced Tea: 68 Calories

Hot teas and black coffee with zero calorie sweeteners

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