O'Charley's - Low Calorie Options from a High Calorie Menu

To be perfectly honest, this one was a pain in the booty. The O'Charley's nutritional information page is arranged in alphabetical order, so there is no way to go by sections of the menu. What I had to do because of that was to go to the regular menu and create categories, then cross reference the nutritional information and search by alphabetization to find the dishes that went within the categories.

There's not much to choose from here- only one (1) plate under 500 calories and most of the options pushing on 800 calories without any sides, so if you're wanting to eat low calorie at O'Charley's then you better plan ahead and save as many of your calories as possible.

Here's the allowable low calorie options from O'Charley's.

Low Calorie Appetizers at O'Charley's

Appetizers are pretty much always a no-no for those of us who are committed to our diets. So why do I list them? Well, because, my husband and I *love* going on appetizer dates where we get something to drink and share an appetizer as a snack. It's one of our favorite things to do. SO, if you are an appetizer date kinda person and want a 300 calorie snack at the end of the day then these appetizer entries should be something that you can use.  Unfortunately, this particular Appetizer menu is sparse on low cal options. 

O'Charley's Authentic Spinach and Artichoke Dip - Full Serving - 780 calories - SHARE IT!! 

Spicy Jack Cheese Wedges - 125 calories each -

Featured Items at O'Charley's

This category is problematic -  These items have calorie counts that do not include sides and most of them are off the charts calorically speaking. But here are the few that you *might* be able to use to create a dietable plate with.

Louisiana Sirloin - a 12 ounce steak served with a topping of butter. Yes. Butter. - 680 calories -

O'Charley's Low Calorie Chicken and Ribs

O'Charley's menu makes me laugh- The Chicken and Ribs section has 4 plates over 1,000 calories, then one single plate that is under 500 calories. That isn't such a bad thing- That one plate is really stinkin delicious. 

Bruschetta Chicken - Served with broccoli and grilled tomatoes - 470 calories - 

Steaks and Combos at O'Charley's 

Steak and Shrimp Scampi - 6 oz steak and NO SIDES - 770 calories

Steak and Grilled Atlantic Salmon - 6 oz steak and NO SIDES - 800 calories 

Grilled Top Sirloin - NO SIDES - 
     - 6 oz -  300 calories
     - 9 oz -  410 calories
     - 12 oz - 590 calories

Low Calorie Seafood at O'Charley's

Cedar Planked Salmon - No sides - 530 calories

Grilled Atlantic Salmon - No Sides - 
      - 6 oz -  370 calories 
      - 9 oz -  540 calories 

Panko Crusted Shrimp - No Sides  - 570 calories

O'Charley's Pasta- NOT LOW CALORIE

Seriously- all of the pasta options are out. Don't even peek. 

Signature Salads and Soups at O'Charley's

O'Charley's soups vary by location and day, so here's a list you can ask about, even if they aren't showing up on the menu. 

Soups -

Chicken Harvest Soup - Bowl - 270 calories
Chicken Tortilla Soup - Bowl - 260 calories
Clam Chowder - Bowl - 340 calories
Overloaded Potato - bowl - 290 calories
3 Cheese Broccoli - bowl - 340 calories

Salads - 

Loaded salads tend to have more calories than you would expect. The biggest part of their calorie count, though, is typically the dressings. Make sure you go with the light dressings! 

California Chicken Salad Without Dressing - 700 calories 
    Wish balsamic vinaigrette - 940 calories 
Solution- request a light vinaigrette or ask for your dressing on the side. If you use a little less than half of your dressing serving then your salad will be 800 calories - oil and vinegar are also an option that is much lower calorie. 

Low Calorie Sandwhiches at O'Charley's 

Sandwhiches are typically really high calorie, and usually something to avoid. O'Charley's doesn't offer many options, though, so a sandwhich that is under 800 calories is something to seriously consider. Avoid the fries, though!! 

Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich with no sides - 790 calories 
Chicken Bacon Bleu Sandwich with no sides - 780 calories
Mediterranian Chicken Wrap  with no sides  - 780 calories 

Low Calorie Sides from O'Charley's

Fresh Asparagus - 80 calories
House Salad Without Dressing - 130 calories
Rice Pilaf - 130 calories
Broccoli - 140 calories


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  2. THANK YOU! their website isn't very helpful in this area (as you said).